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Segregated Portfolio Company

The Segregated Portfolio Company (SPC) is a form of exempted company. The Companies Law, PART XIV, provides for any exempted company, a company by way of continuation and an exempted limited duration company to re-register as a segregated portfolio company. This company is required to include in its name either “Segregated Portfolio Company” or “SPC”. An SPC allows for the segregation of the assets and liabilities of individual portfolios – Known in some parts of the world as “cells” – from the general assets of the overall company as well as from other portfolios. Each portfolio, however, is not seen as a separate legal entity.

In addition to the annual return required for an exempted company, the segregated portfolio company is required to file a return stating all movements on its portfolio during the year.

Description Fees (KYD)
Registration $500 + normal exempted company registration fee
Annual Fee $2000 + normal exempted company annual fee
Portfolio Annual Fee $300 for each portfolio up to a maximum of $1500

The most convenient way to incorporate this type of company in the Cayman Islands is to engage one of the professional firms licensed for this purpose. These firms can provide such services as: registered office; nominee shareholders; directors and other officers; and management of the company on the instruction of the beneficial owner(s)