About Us

The primary function of the General Registry is to develop and implement policies and systems for all registers under its administration (see below)  to ensure continued effective contribution to the financial services industry and the public; to maintain and improve storage mediums and facilities for records to ensure that vital statistics and other information is readily available now and in the future; and to deliver service to its customers courteously and efficiently.

The Department oversees the functions and activities of the following Registers namely; Companies, Partnerships, Trusts, Non-Profit Organizations, Public records, Births, Deaths, Marriages, Co-Operatives, Trade Unions and Building Societies.

Our VISION for Cayman is for long-term success as a premier International Financial Centre.

In order to achieve this vision, our MISSION is to deliver exceptional customer experience through the administration of corporate, intellectual property and vital events registers that promote the Cayman Islands as the leading place to do business.

As part of a World Class Civil Service, we recognise that our success is built on a foundation that starts with our employees. Our values of passion, integrity, commitment, and professionalism, are therefore important guides to our interactions with colleagues within the Ministry and broader Government, as well as to the public, our customers, and stakeholders.

Our Core Values

Teamwork, Innovation, Caring


Honest, Transparent, Fair


Efficient, Effective, Sensitive