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Overseas Company

An overseas company (usually referred to as a foreign company) is a company incorporated outside the Cayman Islands. Registration pursuant to Part IX of the Companies Law is necessary to enable overseas companies to hold land or carry on business in the Cayman Islands, or to act as the general partner of a Cayman Islands Exempted Limited Partnership.


Such a company must be registered in Cayman and for this the Registrar must be supplied with:

  1. A certified copy of the foreign company’s certificate of formation or incorporation, or the equivalent document issued by the relevant authority as evidence of its formation.
  2. A certificate of good standing issued by the relevant authority or, if the relevant Authority does not issue a certificate of good standing, a declaration signed by a director of the foreign company that the foreign company is in good standing with the relevant authority.
  3. A certified copy of any charter, by-laws or memorandum or articles of association or other constitutive document of the foreign company.
  4. A list and specified details of the directors.
  5. The name and address of a person resident in the Islands who is authorized to accept service of process and any notice(s) on behalf of the company.
  6. The requisite fee.

The most convenient way to incorporate this type of company in the Cayman Islands is to engage one of the professional firms licensed for this purpose. These firms can provide such services as: registered office; nominee shareholders; directors and other officers; and management of the company on the instruction of the beneficial owner(s)