Non-Profit Organisations

Under The Non-Profit Organisation (“NPO”) Law, which came into effect on 1 August 2017, charities are required to be listed on the NPO register if they meet the legal definition of a NPO.

The registration requirement includes companies incorporated pursuant to section 80 of The Companies Law (2018 Revision).

An entity is deemed to be an NPO if it is a company or body of persons, whether incorporated or unincorporated, or a trust, that is:

  • established, or which identifies itself, as established primarily for the promotion of charitable, philanthropic, religious, cultural, educational, social or fraternal objectives, or other activities or programmes for the public benefit or a section of the public within the Islands or elsewhere; and
  • which solicits contributions from the public or a section of the public within the Islands or elsewhere.

Businesses that are not currently designated under section 80 can qualify for the NPO register if they meet the Law’s criteria. To learn more about registering your NPO click here.

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If you are registering a Non-profit Organisation,  Cayman Business Portal (CBP)  is your resource for online tools and support.