Types of
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Trust law provisions relating to exempted trusts require that a trust deed be delivered to the Registrar of Trusts. The filed trust documents are open to inspection by the trustee and any other person authorized by the trust, but they are not open for public inspection.

All rights and remedies with respect to a discretionary trust are vested in the Registrar of Trusts and not the beneficiaries.

The Special Trusts
Alternative Regime Law (STAR)

The Special Trusts (Alternative Regime) Law (“STAR”) complements the preexisting traditional trust framework and is Cayman’s response to the popular demand for non-charitable purpose trusts. STAR permits the creation of trusts for any object, whether persons, purposes or both, provided they are lawful and not contrary to public policy.

Special Features

  • Applies to a trust only if this intent is specifically mentioned in the trust instrument.

  • Is highly flexible, allowing for trusts of all kinds to be created.

  • Enforcers must be designated.

  • One of the trustees must be a Cayman licensed trust company.

  • Are exempt from the rule against perpetuities.