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Foreign Partnership

A limited partnership or limited liability partnership that is established in a recognized jurisdiction outside the Islands may apply to be registered as a Foreign Limited Partnership under the Exempted Limited Partnership Law (2018 Revision) (“the Law”) upon submission of a statement giving details of:

  1. Name
  2. Duration
  3. jurisdiction in which it is established;
  4. specify whether it is deemed to be a separate legal entity and, if so, the full name and address of any managing member or other person who immediately controls or directs the affairs of the foreign limited partnership
  5. address of its registered office in its jurisdiction of formation
  6. names and addresses of person(s) resident in the Islands authorised to accept on its behalf service of process and any notices
  7. the full name and address of any general partners

The Law allows for a foreign limited partnership to be the General Partner of an ELP.

Foreign partnerships are required to pay an annual fee and to file changes in registration particulars with the Registrar.