What documents are required for the filing of shareholder changes for ordinary resident (local) companies?

Changes to shareholders should be filed through grmanual@gov.ky and should be supported by:

  • Register of shareholders
  • Share transfer
  • EFT confirmation of funds transferred
  • Proof of identity of each new shareholder:
    • Natural persons – Valid government issued photo ID
    • Corporate entities – Certificate of good standing (dated no more than 30 days prior to filing date)
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Can the share capital of the company be changed? How?

The share capital can be changed by resolution which should state:

  • The current share capital,
  • The means by which it is being changed and;
  • The resulting share capital.

The resolution is to be sent to ROC through grmanual@gov.ky along with the filing fee.

CAP users to file through the relevant share capital options.

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