Who may give consent to a marriage when one is required?

Consent may be given by the father, or if the father is dead the lawful guardian or guardians, or if there is no such guardian, the mother, if unmarried, of such person shall have authority to consent to the marriage of such person.

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Who is qualified to apply for a special licence for marriage?

If both parties to the marriage do not reside in the Islands, an application signed by both persons may be made to the Governor for the grant of a special licence for such marriage. This should be submitted through the Passport Office.

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How long after the marriage is solemnized is the certificate of marriage available?

The Act requires that the marriage register be presented to one of the parties to the marriage as soon as the marriage is solemnized.  The marriage officer is required to file the duplicate marriage register thereafter with the Registry.  As soon as it is filed with the Registry an official certified copy may be provided upon request.

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What if the Marriage Officer did not file the marriage register?

If the Marriage Officer did not file the marriage register, the parties may contact the marriage officer requesting that the filing be made.  If the marriage officer refuses to comply with the requirement to file the document, the applicant shall report the default of such Marriage Officer to the Clerk of Court pursuant to the Marriage Act.

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