What documents are required to file a change in directors and officers?

For a local company not having a licensed service provider as its registered office the following should be provided on CBP:

  • Name of director/officer
  • Address
  • Position
  • Date of appointment
  • Valid Government issued ID (not expired)
  • Date of resignation (where applicable)
  • Resignation letter, where applicable (signed by resigning director/officer & witnessed by a JP or Notary Public)
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When a change is made to directors & officers is the company required to file that with ROC?

Pursuant to Section 55 of the Companies Act.

  • The company shall send a copy of the register of directors & officers to the Registrar within sixty days of the first appointment of any director or officer of the company
  • Notify the Registrar of any change in such directors or officers including a change of the name of such directors or officers, within thirty days of any such change.
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