Can the share capital of the company be changed? How?

The share capital can be changed by resolution which should state

  • – The current share capital
  • – The means by which it is being changed and;
  • – The resulting share capital.

The resolution is to be sent to ROC through along with the filing fee.

CAP users to file through the relevant share capital options.

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Can the nature of business be changed?

The nature of business can be changed by resolution.  The Registrar should be notified of such changes:

Companies without a licensed CSP as registered office: Update in CBP when filing annual returns

Companies with Licensed CSP as registered office: Update in CAP

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How long is a certificate of good standing valid (good for)?

ROC accepts a certificate of good standing (“COGS”) from other jurisdictions that have been issued no longer than 30 days before the application to the Registry has been submitted. COGS issued by ROC have no expiry date and it is left to the compliance requirements of the requesting institution to determine the criteria for acceptance.  ROC suggests 30 days after the issue date.

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What are the consequences for not having a registered office?

Any company which carries on business without having a registered office, shall incur a penalty of ten dollars for every day during which business is so carried on. The maximum penalty being $500.

Companies are listed for strike-off after 30 days of not notifying the Registrar of the appointment of a registered office. If that situation is not remedied the company will be removed from the Register on the next strike date.

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What is required to satisfy the requirement for a registered office?

A registered office address should state the physical location (street name & number, district and country) and the mailing address (Post box number and postal code).  Companies which utilize the services of a CSP for its registered office is required to include the name of the CSP in the address.

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