How long is a certificate of good standing valid (good for)?

ROC accepts a certificate of good standing (“COGS”) from other jurisdictions that have been issued no longer than 30 days before the application to the Registry has been submitted. COGS issued by ROC have no expiry date and it is left to the compliance requirements of the requesting institution to determine the criteria for acceptance.  ROC suggests 30 days after the issue date.

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Who can request a certificate for a company?

All certificates with the exception of certificates of termination (strike off, dissolution) are only available to the principals of the company or their authorized personnel. They may be requested on  CBP for local companies without a CSP as its registered office and on CORIS for CSPs.  Authorized persons without access to those portals may request through providing written authorization and paying by electronic funds transfer.

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How can I determine the authenticity of a certificate?

All certificates issued by the Cayman Islands Companies Registry bear an

  • authentication code
  • website address
  • date of issue

at the bottom right corner of the certificate.  Visit the stated website: and follow the instructions to verify the certificate.

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