Ensure that the profile is already created then proceed to file:

  • Go to the dashboard
  • Go to “Service” click on the dropdown box and select “Beneficial Owners” from the list
  • Then select “New Service Request”

The window with Beneficial Owners will open.  Populate:

  • ‘Amount of shares taken to date
  • To the left half way down the page click “Add”. Another window will appear.
  • Then enter the first 3 to 4 letters of the beneficial owner’s name – DO NOT ADD ANYTHING ELSE
  •  click on “Search”
  •  Once the relevant name appears to the extreme right click on “+” which will take you to another window.
  •  Click on the dropdown boxes “Identification”, “Postal address” and “Physical address” and autofill them

On the right there are 3 boxes:

  • Select the one/s that are applicable to each individual/business
  • Populate “% of Share”
  • Enter “Start Date” (NEVER enter “End Date” unless the individual is no longer a shareholder

***Please note this is done for each “Shareholder” on the entity

  • Click “Submit Now”
  • Repeat the process for each BO