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I need to file my annual returns on CBP. How do I proceed?2023-02-23T13:39:00-05:00

Before you can file your annual return you must first file the beneficial ownership information and wait for approval from the Registry.

    • On the “dashboard”, click on “Service”
    • Select “Annual Return” from the drop-down box
    • Click on “New Service”.
    • Once that smart form opens up to the top left you will see “Filing Year” select the year you need to file. The outstanding fee will automatically populate “Annual Fee Due”
    • Populate all fields noting that those with the “*” are mandatory:
      • “Email”
      • “Name of Person Making Declaration”
      • “Position”
      • “Shareholder Meeting Date
      • “Shareholder Meeting Location” (that can just be the district it was held in)
      • Address of the company (including PO Box) which can be selected from the dropdown box
      • List of all persons who were members of the Company on the fourteenth day succeeding the first General meeting. If this is not automatically populated click on “Add
      • then enter the first 3 to 4 letters of your name
      • click on “Search”.
      • Once the name appears, on the extreme right click on “+” and another window will appear.
      • Click on the dropdown boxes and autofill them
        •  “Identification”
        • “Postal address”
        • “Physical address”
    • On the right there are 3 boxes, select the one/s that is applicable to each individual. Then populate

      • “% of Share”
      • “Start Date”
      • “End Date” (ONLY if the individual ceased being a shareholder before the 1st of January of the annual return year.). If that is the case then also add that person under *Persons who have ceased to be Members since the last return****Please note this is done for each “Shareholder” on the entity
  • Directors & Officers

    • – Click on “Add” similar to the procedure to add the “Shareholders”.  DO NOT enter an “End date” unless the individual ceased being a director/officer before the 1st of January of the annual return year.

    Complete ALL three (3) questions at the bottom selecting all that apply to your business.


    • SAVE

To retrieve documents filed or requested through CBP please go to “Documents Received” on the portal.

When do I enter an “END DATE” for a beneficial owner on CBP?2023-02-22T00:02:55-05:00

The “END DATE” should ONLY be entered when a person or company ceases to be a beneficial owner.  At all times there must be at least ONE beneficial owner.

How do I make the beneficial owner filing (subsequent filings) on CBP?2023-02-22T00:02:16-05:00

After logging on to CBP you will be directed to the “Dashboard”

  1. Go to “Service”
  2. Click on the dropdown box and select “Beneficial Owners” from the list
  3. Select “New Service Request” – The window with Beneficial Owners will automatically appear with the information previously entered.
  4. Set up profile
  5. Populate “Amount of shares taken to date
  6. There is then a box to the bottom left you click on that and then select “Submit Now”.


On CBP, what is “Amount of shares taken to date” ?2023-02-21T23:59:42-05:00

The amount of shares taken to date is the total amount (sum) of all shares owned by the current shareholders.

On CBP, what is “% of Share”2023-02-21T23:58:46-05:00

The “% of Share” is the amount of that shareholder’s shares divided by the “Amount of shares taken to date” multiplied by 100.

How do I make the beneficial owner (“BO”) filing (First Time) on CBP?2023-02-21T17:34:00-05:00

Ensure that the profile is already created then proceed to file:

  • Go to the dashboard
  • Go to “Service” click on the dropdown box and select “Beneficial Owners” from the list
  • Then select “New Service Request”

The window with Beneficial Owners will open.  Populate:

  • ‘Amount of shares taken to date
How do I create a profile for a beneficial owner on CBP?2023-02-20T15:17:57-05:00

Once your entity verification has been approved you may proceed to create a profile for each individual and or corporate entity in “People and Business”:

  1. Ensure that IDs for each person or certificate of incorporation (or similar documents) for each corporate entity are scanned to your computer
  2. When you log in it takes you straight to the “Dashboard”
  3. Select “People and Business” (to the right)
  4. then “Add Person” (if the Beneficial Owner is a person), OR “Add Business” (if it is a business)
  5. Populate all information fields (nothing is optional – even if that is stated
  6. SAVE
Who is a beneficial owner?2023-02-20T15:16:49-05:00

A beneficial owner:

  • Holds, directly or indirectly, more than 25% of the shares or voting rights in the company;
  • Or has the right to appoint or remove a majority of the company’s board of directors.
  • If no individual in the company meets those conditions, the beneficial owner is the person who (directly or indirectly) has significant influence or control over the company, through either direct or indirect ownership. This does not apply if such control is solely in the capacity of a manager, director or adviser. Refer to Beneficial Ownership (Companies) Regulations (2019 Revision)
What documents should be filed when a new director or officer is appointed?2023-03-31T13:28:03-05:00

Every company is required to keep at its registered office a register containing the names and addresses of its directors, including alternate directors, and officers, and shall: 

  1. Send a copy of such register to the Registrar within sixty days of the first appointment of any director or officer of the company; and
  2. Notify the Registrar of any change in such directors or officers including a change of the name of such directors or officers, within thirty days of any such change.

For local companies without a CSP as its registered office:

  • Register of directors & officer reflecting the new director/officer
  • Valid government-issued photo ID
  • Resolution appointing director/officer

CSP – updated register of directors and officers

Can a non-Caymanian be a director of a company?2023-03-31T13:26:11-05:00

A non-Caymanian can be a director of an ordinary resident company. However, as required under the Local Companies (Control) Act, where business is to be carried out in the islands, there has to be at least 60% of its directors should be Caymanian.

Can a non-Caymanian be the shareholder of a company?2023-03-31T13:25:11-05:00

A non-Caymanian can be the shareholder of an ordinary resident company.  However, as required under the