What is needed to set up my account?

Before you begin, do ensure that you are a principal/connected person of the company (e.g. director, secretary, treasurer etc.) and have the following ready:

  • Valid (not expired) Government-issued ID (Passport, driver’s licence, Cayman Voters Registration card).
  • Address – Street Name & Number, city, mailbox, postal code
  • Email Address

Visit www.cbp.ky

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What services are available on CBP?

The following services are available on CBP:

  • Company registrations
  • Issuing of certificates
  • Filing of directors and officers
  • Filing of beneficial ownership information (for ordinary resident companies that have not engaged a corporate service provider)
  • Registration of non-profit organisations (“NPO”)
  • Change filings for NPOs
  • Payment of annual fees and filing of annual returns for companies & NPOs
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What are the benefits of using CBP?

The benefits of using CBP include, but are not limited to:

  • The ability to perform business with the Registry without visiting the office.
  • Ease of document retrieval and information sharing at clients’ convenience
  • Reduced cost of printing (documents filed & returned electronically)
  • Faster turnaround time
  • CBP is housed in a secure data centre
  • All communications and transactions are encrypted
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What is CBP?

The Cayman Business Portal (CBP) is the portal to access the Registrar of Companies to register and maintain local companies that do not have a corporate service provider as their registered office.

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